Years of Squirreling

I had not seen my older sister Sarah for many years and as I approached her apartment door I was excited about seeing her again and be able to talk and catch upon things. She did not have a computer and she was not like writing letters. Being able to see her in person was going to be wonderful. After knocking on her door, Sarah came and invited me in. She had a pathway for us to walk from one area of the apartment to another. The rest of her apartment was filled with things from years ago that she felt that she could not part with. I knew right away that my sister had a problem with green walls and that she needed professional help and I was going to do all I could to get her the help she needed.

Dreams Do Come True

Becoming a professional Manchester makeup artist has always been my dream, and I am finally living it. I got my first job a year ago doing makeup for a local fashion show. One of the directors pulled me aside and and told me I did good work and she would be contacting me. I thought nothing of it but a month later she called me asking me if I was book for March 15, I was not. The company hosting the show payed for hotel, food ,and plane ticket. The show was everything I expected and more, I even got a private Janae, a multi-platinum songstress. My first assignment will be her world tour that starts in June, I am so excited. Not only do enjoy what I do, I am getting paid to travel the world while doing it.

Anything but Red

It was the evening of my first Prom and I had spent hours shopping for my first formal. I was sure I had found the perfect one, a light green strapless with a waltz length skirt of many layers of netting. As I was dressing, my Mother, casually asked if I had told my date the color of my formal and added that he then could have asked the florist Harrogate to suggest a good color corsage. She added, I think any color, but red would work. I was secretly hoping for an orchard, which would be perfect. As my Mother was touching up my hair do, my date knocked on our door. As I greeted him, he handed me the clear
plastic box containing my corsage. As I looked at it, I gasped. It was a corsage
of red carnations!

Soccer Practice Pays Off

Jessica saw her chance and took it. She ran past her opponent and sprinted down the sideline of the green artificial turf field. She saw her team mate dribble the ball past the defender. Jessica knew there was only 10 seconds on the clock and they needed to score to avoid overtime. She began to angle toward the goal and kept her eyes on Hayley.

She thought she heard her mother screaming, but who could really tell with all the crazy parents coaching from the sideline. Jessica saw her big chance as she and Hayley made eye contact. Hayley crossed the ball in front of the goal and Jessica knew their timing was perfect. Just like they practiced hundreds of times during the season. Jessica timed her kick and as her foot hit the ball you could see the silica sand come up from the turf. Score! Game over!

Drain the Water and Treat it TooIt Really Works

It was a glorious spring morning. I was enjoying watching the rain fall outside my window. Thankfully, our new driveway had cured just in time. Rain started to pool on the driveway as the light sprinkle turned into a proper shower. The phone rang and jolted me out of my reverie. I left my post at the window and went to answer the phone.

After chatting with my friend for a few minutes—no surprise our plans for the day were cancelled—I returned to the window. After watching the rain for a few more minutes, I noticed something strange. The puddles of water on the driveway were gone! For a moment I thought it might magic but then I remembered something.

Our new driveway was made out of porous paving stones. The reservoir under the stones must have captured the water and drained it away. Silly me, mystery solved.

Fashion Weekend

My town does an amateaur fashion weekend every summer, kind of like Fashion Week in New York City, only naturally it’s nowhere near so highend. Local girls volunteer to model dresses which are then sold for charity. We choose a different charity every year and this year we’re giving to a local daycare for disabled children. I’m so excited!

A couple of my friends and I are going to be modeling some vintage gowns from a little boutique in my town. The woman who runs the shop has been collecting 1930′s and 1940′s era dresses for years and she says that her storage room is too full to move in. We’re getting to wear some really gorgeous dresses. One of mine is this flouncy, scarlet number with rosebuds around the neckline.

All the girls are getting their hair and makeup done too. The show’s organizer has hired a bridal makeup artist Manchester who specializes in retro makeup especially for the day.

It’s going to be a fun day.

The Banana Suit

I started in this business at sixteen years old. I lived in a small town and it was the only place that was always hiring. Some people just couldn’t take it. The work days were long and hot as I stood out on that street corner. Those who knew me would drive by my corner to stare at the outfit my boss instructed me to wear. It was embarrassing but I needed the money.

Eventually, I moved on to big city life. The money I had saved lasted awhile but soon I was looking for another job. I sat through many interviews and submitted even more applications. One night, I was walking home when a man approached me. He said I had a pretty face and asked if I needed a job. The next day I was reminded of my old dusty street corner as I stood in the tight dress and high heels that had been provided for me. Only this wasn’t a street corner and I wasn’t dressed in a giant banana costume, twirling a sign. Instead I was standing next to an expensive car at a large convention and talking to a woman I now worked with. I was finally working amongst real promotional girls.

Hear Me?

I have always had really bad hearing in my right ear. I am not sure why, but I think I listened to my music too loud when I was younger. As a result, I know I have to use mt left ear when I am on the phone. This is pretty sad for a 22 year old! I was telling my problem to a friend at work at they suggested I get a professional ear wax removal Manchester done to both of my ears. I was skeptical at first because it seemed like such an odd idea. However, I booked the appointment for the following week. I was nervous, but it turned out to be a simple procedure. I am so glad I did it too! Now, I can hear just fine out both my ears! This is such a welcome surprise. I never thought I would be able to hear clearly out of my right ear!